Google and GDPR

Remember those EU data protection rules that came into effect in May last year? Well it appears that Google is the first to receive the harsh penalty of a €50m fine for infringing the principles of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). This was due to: 1. Lack of transparency in collecting user's data for personalised advertising, purposefully using obscure language to make it difficult for users to understand how their data is processed, and providing users with disseminated information about the collection, use and storage of their data over a series of documents, clicks and links; 2. The failure to comply with GDPR requirements regarding consent, further to using hidden links to opt out of pre-ticked personalised ads and other broad consent tactics. Do not assume that these regulations are only applicable to tech giants like Google - any business that collects personal data is subject to the same regulatory obligations - and the same penalties if not adhered to! Please click the link here if you need help with GDPR compliance.