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International Legal Services

​We cover...

South Africa

  • Dispute Resolution

  • International Human Rights & Development

  • Intellectual Property


  • Dispute Resolution


  • Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

If you have a legal dispute with another business, it can generally be time-consuming and stressful to deal with it in the courts in the UK when discussions have failed. Add in an international element and suddenly the dispute can seem even more complicated and time -consuming to resolve.

International business deals can go wrong for many reasons, and they often become more difficult to resolve than if only domestic businesses were involved. However, businesses increasingly want to expand and take advantage of worldwide trade to maximise profits. Fear of disputes shouldn’t prevent you from doing business internationally as our experienced lawyers can help you resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.


Our lawyers are qualified across the jurisdictions of England  & Wales, South Africa and Jamaica, giving our clients excellent international expertise and experience in favourably resolving commercial cross-border disputes.

As well as our office in London, we have long established partnerships in Jamaica and South Africa with professionals who bring both in depth knowledge and experience to our relationships, in order to best serve our clients both in the UK and these parts of the world.

To find out more about how our international services can assist you,  contact us for an initial free consultation here .

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