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Intellectual Property

​We cover... 

  • Copyright and design rights

  • Domain names

  • Trademarks

  • Patents

  • Passing off & misdeception

  • Trade secrets and confidential information

  • Drafting of IP and media-related agreements

  • National & international registration

  • IP dispute resolution & enforcement

One of the most valuable assets your business could own is its intellectual property. It is the very thing that sets you apart from your competitors and, when properly protected, increases in value to the benefit of business owners, potential investors and anyone that may be interested in purchasing your business in future. 


It would be a great disservice to your business not to protect your brand, creations, designs inventions or other rights it has developed due to the time, expense and effort invested in the first instance. 


Christian Burnett offers a number of services to protect the intellectual property rights of your business, to include assistance with your copyright, trademarks designs and patents. We can identify the rights belonging to your business, ensure registration and ongoing security of your rights both locally and internationally,  and ensure that measures are in place to avoid others from exploiting them.

Conversely, if your business has been challenged as a result of infringing the intellectual property rights of another establishment, we are equally available to assist in this regard.

To find out more about how our intellectual property services can assist you,  contact us for an initial free consultation here.

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