Fixed Fees

Our agreed Fixed Fee does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a single, total, agreed, fixed sum of money. We will always be up-front about what other fees may accrue in the course of our work (such as payments to third-parties).  All our charges, fixed fees are subject to VAT.

Yes, of course, our clients can agree a fixed fee and then settle that agreed fixed fee in instalments – without incurring interest and at no extra cost.

Sample Fixed Fee:  Draft Contract Review

We’ve had quite a few clients ask us to review and fix a draft contract – either one they found online, one they drafted themselves based on other examples, or one the other party has drafted for them.  We understand that our clients want the cheapest possible option, but also want legal protection, and a contract that will actually work for their purposes.  That’s where we come in.  We will review, fix, explain, and advise on draft contracts, all for a fixed fee (and yes, this includes consultations, research, and explanations).


What you get is a contract that fits your needs, and a precise explanation of terms. This way, your business can use the contract over and over again, and you will understand every word of it. 

Business Packages

Christian Burnett Solicitors offers all-inclusive business packages for startups, small and medium businesses.

These exceptional packages are bespoke, designed to fit the needs of your business, and can include:

  • Supplier Contract

  • Customer Terms & Conditions

  • Guarantees

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Agency Agreements

  • Employment Contracts

Website Legal Notices

This includes:

  • Website Privacy Policy

  • Website Disclaimer

  • Website E-Commerce Agreement

  • Website Click Wrap Agreement


A consultation will be necessary for us to advise and take instructions on these legal documents. You can arrange a consultation with us here.


Alternatively you can contact us by email on or call us on +44 0203 059 7935 to discuss your particular requirements.