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Debt Recovery & Enforcement

​We cover...

  • Undisputed & disputed debts

  • Debt recovery advice

  • Pre-legal collections

  • Letters before action

  • Legal assistance for debtors

  • Unpaid invoices

  • Over-payments

  • Issuing court proceedings

  • Small Claims

  • Fast & Multi Track Claims

  • Preparing defences to claims and counterclaims

  • Enforcement of judgments

  • Statutory demands

  • Winding up proceedings against limited companies

  • Charging orders

  • Third party debt orders

  • Attachment of earnings

  • Warrants of control (previously known as warrants of execution)

  • Applications to obtain financial information (previously known as oral examination)

Unpaid debts can have a devastating effect on any business. Poor cash flow can severely impact on trading capability, leading to the frustration of chasing late payments, difficulty with paying staff and potential damage to the reputation of your business.

At Christian Burnett, we understand that effective recovery of outstanding debts to your business can make all the difference between its success and failure. To ensure that your business is paid promptly, and that its day-to-day operations are unaffected, we offer a cost-effective debt recovery service for business of all sizes, be it a small family run business, a new start-up, or an established national company. 

How do we do it?

Our use of a cloud-based case management system, together with our many years of debt recovery experience, ensures that your business can benefit from quality debt recovery services from a city law firm without the city firm costs. 

We regularly advise on claims from £500.00 to over £100,000.00 and will always review the merits of your case from the outset prior to determining the most appropriate course of action to recover your debt. 


We are strong advocates of resolving disputes without resorting to court proceedings, and so we usually start the debt recovery process by issuing a letter before action to your debtor. In our experience the threat of court action in a letter before action effectively promotes a response from debtors and, in most instances, will be enough to recover your debt.


However, if further action is needed and all amicable attempts to recover your debt are exhausted, our experts will guide you through every stage of the recovery process from commencing court proceedings, dealing with defended debts, obtaining judgment and taking enforcement action.

What will it cost?

Legal fees should not hinder your business from receiving the advice and support it needs. Christian Burnett offers a fixed fee structure for undisputed debts and for disputed Small Claims so you know how much it will cost from the outset - and most of these fees can be passed on to the debtor. This enables you to pursue debtors at minimum expense to your business with maximum results.

To ensure full transparency regarding our debt recovery & enforcement services, and to fully inform you of our debt recovery process for businesses, please review our Fees & Services Guide for further details.

To find out more about how our debt recovery services can assist you, contact us for an initial free consultation here.

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